The Little White Dog and the Chain / Маленькая Белая Собачка и Цепь


There is a saying that even a child can lead a bull by the nose on a rope. The bull is big and strong, the child is small and weak, but even so, it is possible. Sin is like the chain that the enemy tied and leads us by. Even a little sin can hold the strongest man.


There was a village, in that village there was a very poor house. It was an old wooden house that needed many repairs. It was surrounded by an old fence in bad shape too. The house belonged to the poorest family in the village. They owned only a very small field of poor soil quality at the edge of a forest. So, they were poor and had no money. The man of the house needed a guard dog, but he could not afford to buy a proper guard dog. He had only enough money to buy a little white puppy, who was not a guard dog at all. The farmer put the puppy outside, tied him to a chain and put him in a dog house. The farmer wanted to train that little white dog to become a guard dog. The puppy was too small and too young to be a guard dog. He really wanted to play with children and be held by someone. He was all alone and scared. He was cold and lonely. He was tied to a chain, he could not run away, even if he tried. When he heard someone pass by on the other side of the fence, and he could not see who it was, he would bark, because he was afraid. Continue reading “The Little White Dog and the Chain / Маленькая Белая Собачка и Цепь”