Mother and Her Seven Sons / Мать и её семь сыновей


Introduction / введение

Imagine two funerals: one of a righteous man and one of a great sinner. Both died a tragic death. It is not surprising to hear, if someone says at the sinner’s funeral: “Considering how he lived, his reckless lifestyle, something like this sooner or later had to happen to him. He got what he deserved.” But why did the righteous person perish? Did he die a senseless death for no reason? Was is an accident or mistake? What is the meaning of such death? Continue reading “Mother and Her Seven Sons / Мать и её семь сыновей”


The Bread of Affliction / Хлеб Скорби

Messiah in the Passover / Мессия в Пэсахе

From the Haggadah / Из Агады:

The Three Matzot – Unity / Три Мацы – Единство

One of the most intriguing items on the Passover table are three matzot placed together on one plate – each in a special compartment of fine linen. These three matzot combined together are referred to as a “unity” by the ancient rabbis.

Одним из самых интригующих предметов на пасхальном столе являются три мацы, сложенные вместе на одной пластине – каждый в специальном отделении из тонкого льна. Эти три мацот, объединенные вместе, упоминаются как «единство» древними раввинами. Continue reading “The Bread of Affliction / Хлеб Скорби”

The Third Cup / Третья Чаша

Messiah in the Passover / Мессия в Пэсахе

Read Luke 22:7-20 / Прочитайте от Луки 22,7-20

We already learned that there are four cups of wine during the Passover supper/Seder, plus the cup of Elijah.

Мы уже узнали, что есть четыре чаши вина во время Песах ужин/Седера, а также чаша Илии. Continue reading “The Third Cup / Третья Чаша”